Who we are

Cello is an artisanal liquor factory born in Ravello, an enchanting village  nestled among the wonders of the Amalfi Coast.
Thanks to my husband's love for this liqueur and my tireless
commitment, in 1998 we opened the doors of our laboratory to
Carmine, a blacksmith by trade all his life, has always cultivated a
special passion: the production of limoncello.
More than 30 years ago, collecting and peeling our precious lemons
owned terraces, my husband started producing, almost for
game, an exquisite limoncello.
On special occasions and events he distributed it as a gift to relatives and friends
who, right from the start, began to appreciate its exceptional flavour.
As time went by, the demand for our limoncello grew
exponentially, pushing us to transform this passion into one
real activity.
So, after several years of study, testing, analysis and research, we put a
point an artisanal system that allows us to obtain a nectar
delicious that delights the palate and inebriates the nostrils.
This is how the “Ravello's Nectar” method was born, a precious system
composed of 5 phases.
From the harvest of the "Sfusato Amalfitano" lemons to the peeling done
rigorously by hand, until bottling, every step is soaked
of our passion for quality and authenticity.
For us at Cello, each bottle is more than just a liqueur: it is the story of
a life, of a territory and of a dream that continues to live through the
our limoncello.
We invite you to discover and share our story by tasting the fruit
of our work, made of commitment, tradition and love for our land.