1)How long can limoncello be kept? Does it have an expiry date? Our limoncello has no defined expiry date.
However, as time passes, it can become transparent and change
This happens because the light influences the color of the limoncello and, in
absence of artificial colourings, the product tends to become transparent.
Impurities that may float to the surface in the bottle are a sign
of the craftsmanship and excellence of our product.

2) Do you also use lemon juice to make limoncello? No, we only use the peels of the Sfusato Amalfitano.
But the lemons are certainly not thrown away: we give them to local ice cream makers for the
production of lemon sorbets (that's why those of the Coast
Amalfi are so delicious).
Additionally, peels soaked in alcohol are used to light the fireplace
in winter: another example of our commitment to the sustainable use of

3)How to enjoy limoncello? Iced or at room temperature? Although it is common to recommend drinking iced limoncello, for example
fully appreciate its quality and grasp all its nuances,
we recommend drinking it at room temperature.
This way, you can enjoy every aspect of our product and
recognize the uniqueness of its flavor.

4)How many lemons do you use to obtain limoncello?

We don't use the fruit or juice, but only the peels.
Unlike other companies, we pour a larger quantity of peels
in alcohol to enrich the color and flavor of our limoncello,
thus maintaining the authenticity and richness of the finished product.