Our Secret - “Ravello's Nectar”

# 1 PHASE: Hand harvested at dawn
The first phase of our method is the harvest of lemons at dawn.
Our expert hands, around 5:00 in the morning, gently detach the
prized fruits from the branches of our lemon trees.
This practice ensures that the essential oil from the lemon peel is the
as intense as possible, giving our limoncello its characteristic
colour, aroma and flavour.

# 2 PHASE: Transport and manual peeling
Once harvested, the lemons are carried on shoulders through the alleys and streets
Coastal stairs.
Once the fruits arrive in our laboratory, we select only the best ones for the
After delicately cleaning them, we peel them by hand one at a time.
It's a job that takes time and patience, but only in this way
we manage to preserve the aromas and scents of the Sfusato Amalfitano.

# 3 PHASE: Natural maceration
Once the second phase is completed, we immerse the peels in 96° cereal alcohol.
We leave them to macerate in hermetically sealed containers so that later
4-5 days, they release water, color and flavor.

# 4 PHASE: Infusion and decantation
The infusion is mixed with a syrup of water and sugar (so that the
limoncello reaches 32°) and left to decant for another two weeks,
so that some impurities rise to the surface and others settle to the bottom.

#5 PHASE: Bottling
Once ready, the limoncello is bottled and distributed
all over the world, keeping its artisanal soul intact.
Zero preservatives, zero colourants
The color of limoncello changes throughout the year, depending on the season
from which the Sfusato Amalfitano lemon is harvested.
It goes from the intense yellow of September to the yellow-green of April, a sign of
its authenticity and its close connection with nature.
Without the use of colourants, flavors or preservatives, each bottle is a riot of
typical flavors and aromas of the Coast.
Discover the magic of our limoncello, a sensorial journey that begins in
terraces of the Amalfi Coast and ends with every sip of our
authentic artisanal liqueur.